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"ARISE" PowerHouse.

It's your time to ARISE over every challenge, hurt, and trauma. It's time for you to heal and live a blessed and fulfilled life you have been dreaming of.


Carmella Johnson is the founder and CEO of the "Arise PowerHouse" a Mental & Emotional Wellness program for "Make It Happen" women. She is also the owner and CEO of Arise Training & Consulting, a corporate training company specializing in designing Mental and Emotional wellness materials, workshops, and courses.

This busy mother of 3 amazing men is a leading-edge Mental & Emotional Self-Care Wellness Coach for Women, International Speaker, Psychological and Behavioral business consultant, and entrepreneur of over 30 years.

Carmella has been in the Mental Health field for over 3 decades garnering a vast range of expertise. Her experiences range from Marriage & Family Therapist, Behavioral Consultant, Psychology and Education professor to Mental Health Trainer and International Transformational speaker. She has also written Mental Health and Wellness programs for various organizations and educational institutions.

In these various roles Carmella has had the unique honor of helping thousands of men, woman, children, and families transform their relationships, and lives as well as mental and emotional well-being in ways they only dreamed of.

Hello, I am Carmella Rochelle, and my "WHY" is YOU!

I created the ARISE POWERHOUSE Mental and Emotional Wellness Self-Care program because with all my heart I believe that everyone deserves to live an amazing, blessed, and fulfilled life. Many of us have suffered through experiences that drained our hope, cut away at our self-esteem and caused us to live in doubt and fear. But, I have learned that we don't have to live in that ugliness. We can ARISE from it all to live a fulfilled life. I am living proof that if we are willing ELEVATE OUR SELF-CARE by doing the inner work, have the right knowledge, tools, and faith in GOD we can ARISE over the hurts and trauma in our lives to live a life where we are growng and thriving.

EmpowerHer Boundaries Masterclass
EmpowerHer Boundaries Master Class

Equiping women with the knowledge, strategies and tools to unlock their strength and confidence through setting healthy boundaries.

Toxic Behaviors

Toxic behaviors makes relationships miserable. They kill friendships, poison work environments, and destroy romantic relationships and families.

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